GEOSALAZAR Geología y Patrimonio Geosalazar Geosalazar Geosalazar Geologia
Geological and Heritage Consulting Company
Geología y Patrimonio
Geological studies and consulting for its application in various fields.
Advice and consulting specialized in studies related to stratigraphy and sedimentology
Consultancies specialized in general paleontology
We offer a wide range of ecotourism expeditions in different national destinations
Advice and basic evaluations for projects, both for the realization of baselines, geological and geomorphological mapping



The company specialized in professional paleontological consulting, focused on pre-feasibility studies, supervision, and survey of construction work, environmental permitting (i.e. PAS132), assessment of paleontological collections, among others.

Geology, Geomorfology and Geological Risk

Advice and evaluations for projects that include this component, for the realization of baselines, geological and geomorphological mapping.


The Geosalazar Archeology area has a team of archaeologists specialized in archaeological services, including: Baseline, Evaluation, Rescue, Monitoring and Projects.

Environmental Impact Assessment

Research focused on the evaluation of the environmental impact of certain projects, which later on are submitted into the S.E.A. (evaluation of the environmental impact system).

Stratigraphy and Sedimentology

Detailed stratigraphic studies, such as facies analysis, sequence stratigraphy, and sedimentary petrology.


Our services comprise research and geological consulting, enforced with a wide range field of applications.

Geometric Data

We offer the development of blueprints, imagery, and virtual models, based on scientific documentation, with the purpose of scientific disclosure and geo-heritage.


GigaPixel Data

Consist of high resolution, dynamic range, and wide-angle imagery, that facilitate long-range qualitative observations.


We offer a wide range of geological expeditions across different venues in Chile.

Training and Education

We carry out a series of workshops, educational talks, and scientific-courses, based on geological and paleontological matters.

Landscape & Tourism studies.

Preparation, research and information processing in addition to the photographic survey (context photographs and photomontage) necessary for the the competent authority requirements.

Wild Areas

Development of environmental baseline and advice on projects adjacent to State Protected Wilderness areas.

Heritage Consulting

Comprehensive support for the creation, mitigation and compensation of of Nature Sanctuary, Archaeological Monument and Paleontological Monument categories.


About Us


We are a consulting and assessment company, focused on a broad range of geological issues, such as paleontology, stratigraphy, geological risk and environmental impact. Our work-team consists of highly qualified and experienced professionals, who organized and performed according to the needs and the requirements of each client and project. The above, allows us to successfully achieve the different goals and objectives interposed. In this manner, we managed to deliver complete and innovative solutions across the spectrum of paleontology, stratigraphy, environmental impact, and geosciences.

Highly Trained Team

We are a highly experienced team, focused on solving each of the challenges that are required. The entire team is certified in high mountain 4x4 vehicle driving and defensive driving.


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